01. What is SPND?

Spendcoin is Digital Cash
You Can Spend

Use Spendcoin (SPND) to make instant secure payments online anywhere in the world using our secure open-source platform hosted by thousands of users around the world. Spendcoin currently runs on the Decentralized Ethereum Network with plans of launching 9148996401 by 2019.

Earn Spendcoins by Spending on the Spend Wallet App and the Spend Visa Card

02. Features

Spendcoin Features


Connectivity across multiple-chains & payment networks


Low Transaction Fees On-Demand With Near-Instant Settlement


Access to features & services across ours and partner platforms with SPND


Transact SPND to other coins such as Bitcoin, Ether, Tether & More.
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03. Spend App

Spend Wallet Mobile Application

We have partnered with Spend.com to make spending digital currencies seamless. The Spend Wallet App allows instant conversion of all supported assets to fiat to spend with Spend Visa Card.

03. Roadmap

Spend Foundation Protocol Plan

We aim to create a viable marketplace, educational platform, and financial ecosystem to continue building the next generation of digital money & education.

Spend Foundation founded with plans to domicile in Estonia
December 2017
Spendcoin is launched and a strategic partnership is formed with Spend.com
February 2018
Development of the Cross Ledger Blockchain Begins
March 2018
Deployment of the Spendcoin Smart Contract on the Ethereum Platform
June 2018
Worldwide Marketing Campaign of Spendcoin begins
September 2018
Spend Wallet Launch
September 2018
Spendcoin Partnership Program
November 2018
Cross Ledger testnet launches & public repos available to review
March 2019
Cross Ledger Mainnet Release and SPND Token Swap
October 2019
Blockchain University Beta goes live
October 2019
04. Network

Growing Global

Spendcoin is available to users worldwide. We plan to have a full global expansion program to bring banking to the unbanked.

Now available on:


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