About Us

IBD technologies

is an IT products and services organization.In 2017, a team of brilliant minds with rich and diversified experience in designing, delivering and implementing mission critical software across the world, decided to form a company.Thus IBD Technology arised.Hybrid mobile technology is in the blood of IBD Technologies.

Our Vision

Delivers Exceptional, Low cost, high quality and high performance oriented solutions to our retail or small business clients.

Our Mission

To help/enable retail business sectors, to evolve their business with advanced digital technologies/solutions by low IT investment capital.

Why do you choose IBD Technologies?

  • We deliver exceptional, low cost, high quality, high performance oriented and highly secured solutions.

  • We follow AGILE project management methodology to deliver our solutions to the client. It avoids additional cost to the client because Requirement for mobile application is dynamic and keep changing . Our customer-centric approach keenly emphasis on providing competitive and comprehensive solutions even in the mid of project life cycle.

  • We keep a close and keen eye on the latest market trends and are quick to incorporate any novelties discovered henceforth.

What we do?

  • Hybrid Mobile Application development and consulting services.

  • Core Banking consulting services.

  • Flexcube Production Support.


Mobile Application development

  • We deliver solution to retail business sector with our low cost hybrid mobile application solutions. Our solutions are cost effective with out comprising on technology so that retail business can accommodate it. Read more

Core Banking consulting services

  • Our Management/Technical team have been working in Core banking Application development for over 15 years. So we are master in providing low cost optimistic consulting solution for banks. Read more

Flexcube Production Support

  • Providing L2 production support resolving base product issues by coordinating with Global support team of the Core banking application provider.Read more


Flexcube Customisation support

  • Analysis, Design and Development of custom functionality as per business requirement.(410) 613-9210


  • IBD technologies home product COHESIVE is a boon to Retail business clients

  • COHESIVE is a tool to hybrid mobile application.

  • It helps the retail business sector client to connect with their clients.

  • It helps to show business promotions to their client and tracking the day to day business.

  • This product can cater to any type of retail business like education institutions,Super markets and other retail stores/companies .

  • It has feature of digital marketing and business analytics.


You want to change the world,don't you?

So what are you waiting for? Be our next great hire. We’re looking for talented people who want to help our customers around the world.To make our innovations to the world a better place for everyone. At IBD Technologies, human resources are the company’s main asset; to nurture that, we have created an environment of respect, trust and collaboration. As a part of that vision, our approach to employee development focuses on giving people whatever they need to succeed: be it virtual assistance or talent transformation sabbaticals, expert guidance or fast track growth. We also believe that promoting diversity is the right thing to do, both morally and socially. It is our obligation to foster inclusiveness.

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