How does it work?

Containers Market website is a professional platform that connects businesses operating in the freight industry.

We match professionals:

  • who are Freight Brokers and would like to search for a new freight opportunity and present their offers
  • who are Shippers and looking for freight brokers who can offer the best price for their services (lowest price per freight).

We created it for your business in a form of an online auction. A user can set conditions for a new container (freight) and then the auction starts. Other users (freight brokers) can bid (offer their price for the freight). The user who opens the auction chooses the winner.

  1. Create your account. Registration is easy and quick
  2. Review freights for free. Now you can search our database of posted freights and place your bids online to generate new deals for your company.
  3. Invite customers (shippers). If you know shippers who you think would like our platform, please share the link to our webiste with them. In the future they will invite you to their auctions on our webiste.
  4. Bid on freight for free. Bid on posted freights for free. You can post a number of bids depending on a container shipping line you can offer. We protect your contact information during the bidding process.
  5. Connect with shippers and freight brokers. Once the auction has ended you will be notified about the results via email and you will receive a notification on our website. You arrange payment terms directly with the shipper who set the auction.

  1. Create your accountRegistration is easy and quick
  2. Post your ocean freight. Now you can set a new auction for your freight. You can provide many different criteria for your freight (ports, container size,  required detention time). You can also post an additional comment about your freight. You can even set time when your auction should start and end.
  3. Provide emails of brokers you would like to connect with. Before your submit your auction you can provide emails of freight brokers, you would like to invite to your auction. Our website will automatically send an invitation to these email addresses. Brokers will submit competitive bids.
  4. Brokers can submit a few bids along with container shipping line.
  5. Review your bids. You have a clear view of all the bids posted for your auction and can easily compare them. Select a winning broker. Once you select a winner, our website will automatically send a message with the results to all the brokers who took part in your auction. You arrange payment terms directly with the broker who won.