You go to work by car.

I've done all this for you.

The students walked in a single file.

I just want to be normal.

I wanted to run away with her.

I couldn't think of anything else I wanted to buy.

Make sure that the sick are properly attended.

I'm seeing a therapist.

Were you expecting something different?

We need a contract.

Can you fix the flat tire now?

I have been looking for you.

Reinhard resolved to stop calling himself an idiot.

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I'll show you my vocabulary list.

I like Bruce and he said that he liked me, too.

He has been secretly in love with her.

The telephone is one of Bell's many inventions.

Steve and Jane always walk to school arm in arm.


Though he is old, he has a youthful spirit.

He's well built.

We were all stunned.

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Women will have the last word.

He is looking for trouble.

Eventually, Marian will tell me everything I want to know.

He's feeling much better.

The chance that Jay will be executed is very slim.

Nobody could give the correct answer.

I'll ride with them.

Michelle refused medical treatment.

My wife is a poor driver.

I do want to be remembered.

We must preserve our peaceful constitution.

He turned down my offer.

We'll contact you as soon as we can.

Louis didn't even bother to go to the meeting.

Time's up. Please pass in your exams.

He is the only one of my friends that is talented.

I asked a friend of mine to help us.


Naren is a regular customer.

Of course you can't say that it's worth nothing because it isn't perfect, so that doesn't mean that GTD is useless.

He doesn't come here anymore.

Jerrie was the only survivor of the crash.

He is given to drink.


Red circles on the map mark schools.

It was nice of them to help.

Everyone was sitting cross-legged on the floor.

You're one of them too, aren't you?!

We're out of stock.

I'm fairly certain that it was the elephant.

Are you Metin's friend?

This is the first time I've ever sneezed this much.

It's bigger than any other dog in this town.


Is that your book?

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It goes without saying that experience is a good teacher.

Leonard would want us to stay.

Why would I ever do something like that?


He will be back in a day or two.

That is the height of foolishness.

The situation is very serious.

Did you ask Trent what he thought the problem was?

I'll see you again before then.

Marcia certainly doesn't speak for all of us.

Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own common sense.


"I will do it," said the little mermaid, and she became pale as death.

She's always worrying about trifles.

The frequency of crime in the town is high.

I am forever in your debt.

I promise I'll never do that again.


Sandy steals stuff.

How do they prepare this fish in France?

I didn't think Alain knew how to play mahjong.

She likes strawberries and her sister likes apples.

I found your letter in the mailbox.


He asked her to give him preferential treatment.

She makes a point of taking a shower before breakfast.

I get a lot of questions, either by mail or by mouth, about some matter or another, and I often think that it's a shame not to publish the answers.

If something's an android, it's also a robot.

One gives away apples and pears, and not gold and green forests.

It's not a difficult question.

She's an excellent brain surgeon.

I buried my dog at the pet cemetery.

This ring is expensive. Show me some cheap ones.

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Socorrito boiled me some eggs.


This is such a surprise.


I'm almost finished writing the report.

This is the first time I've heard that word.

You probably control it.

We'll call you when your table is ready.

Someone took my place.

It's older than that.

I would say that normal people would be needed.


I asked Karen to play the guitar.

It's the only one I know of.

You won't have to work overtime today.

They knew what friendship is worth and cherished it like the apples of their eyes.

Classes will resume Monday.

Many moisturizing creams claim to have an anti-aging effect.

Having failed several times, he succeeded at last.

The brave mouse chased the cat.

You are not to smoke here.

Keep him inside.

I'll see what I can do about that.

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Do you want me to see what I can find out?

Social conditions are going backward rather than forward.

Adlai could have a point.

The grandmother gives sweets to her grandchildren.

I went to Hawaii on vacation for a couple of weeks.


I shouldn't have come here.

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I heard that Grace's boss refused to give him a raise.

Neal treated Herb like his own daughter.

I think it was quite impressive.

She's always so fast!

She met her uncle.

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We'll see what we can do.

Their job is to draw plans.

This article contains tips for those who are eager to increase their vocabulary.

She has become a very streetwise girl.

Lena is reading a teen magazine.


Oskar's mother is a very good cook.

Can you list the situations in which a supervisor should give a direct order?

Everyone's waiting.

There is a gentleman to see you.

She had a bad infection and her ovary swelled up.


My sister was on a diet for a week, but gave up.

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Don't forget to make an answer key.


Urban foresting was a shared hobby of theirs.


I feel really tired.

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The Confederate army retreated.

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If you go to pick up Doug, at what time will you be here, approximately ?

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As is usual with him, he arrived a quarter of an hour late.

I'm an extremely humble person.

We've got to protect what's ours.

The creations of a great writer are little more than the moods and passions of his own heart, given surnames and Christian names, and sent to walk the earth.

I think the job is done.

I've been concerned about Dimitry.

I'm going to go wash my hair.

He whistled as he walked.

Ah, so!


I consulted a doctor.


I offered her father a glass of punch.


Am I too demanding?

Her father was a tractor driver.

We were quite at a loss which way to go.

Van is probably frightened.

The medicine will cure your headache.

The cork would not come out.

Andre never really wanted to sell his house.

I thought it had started to rain.

I want to buy a black one.

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Jack is Barbara's second cousin, I believe.

Are there any souvenir shops here?

When was the last time you had a boyfriend?

We've been very good friends.

"Are you angry at me?" "You bet I am!"

Hi, I have an appointment with the general manager. This is my interview notice.

Barman, I need a drink.

They've still got Sanford.

I don't like Kathy's looks.

I don't agree with these actions.

The watch you gave me doesn't keep time.

I won't go under any circumstances.

That's only collateral damage.


She's done her homework.

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I don't have any problem with that.

Show this gentleman the way.

Though it is late, I want to go out.